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Scrum for Project Management
Feb 21 2021 – Feb 19 2023 all-day
Scrum for Project Management

No Matter What You Do, SCRUM Can Work For You!


Scrum itself is a simple project management framework for self-organizing teams. Scrum encourages effective team collaboration within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering results of the highest possible value.

The Scrum for Project Management Workshop takes Scrum out of the IT box and introduces the framework to teams and individuals who wish to transition to an agile process that allows them to reach their goals with more flexibility and profitability.

Our workshop facilitators work diligently to ensure that all workshop participants acquire knowledge and improve skills needed to successfully manage projects. The intended outcome is a results oriented approach to identifying realistic goals and overcoming challenges to obtaining that goal.

In this one hour workshop you will learn how Scrum can help you and your team increase productivity and quality in less time.


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