When folks say they’re not voting because we don’t pick the President, I wonder if they realize that we pick prosecutors, judges and serve on juries when we register to vote. This is a 7th grade Civics lesson. You can’t complain about the prison industrial system and police brutality without doing your part to end it. Posting videos of black men who face cops as judge and jury only proves that you didn’t finish the job. You let your ancestors die and somehow thought your oppressor would protect your legacy? Stooooop!! That’s promoting your own oppression. If you wanted to raise awareness and find ways to fight the system, you’d tag organizations doing that already. You don’t want solutions. You want to be a victim. You should be there to hold anyone accountable but from judge to jury all you have to contribute is “f*ck the system.” Your advice is to traumatize yourself and the people who follow you, then disengage from the solution so you can continue to play victim? Congratulations, you played yourself!
You can fix the problem by registering to vote and taking your responsibility on juries. Maybe, innocent black men would stop taking plea deals to avoid facing all white juries if they knew you wouldn’t dodge jury duty. Why aren’t his peers on the jury, giving him confidence to defend himself, even against a cop’s accusations? Oh, they’re too busy encouraging people to play themselves by playing victim instead of acting like our ancestors started a job that must be finished in order to see real justice. Fighting for the right to vote was about being chosen as much as being able to choose. They both affect the outcome in a system that feeds on fear. You complain that trials still aren’t fair, but you won’t finish the job. Believe it or not, you have the right to vote, but you’d rather cry on Facebook than to accept the responsibilities that come with it. That same system is still working overtime to keep you from participating. They want you to hate them enough to just stay away. As long as you hate the system, you will never be a threat because you will never have a plan that works. Oh, and we know by now that you’re not going to start a revolution. The system controls your every move. You respond to the beat of its drum like a sitting duck. You have no identity and you prove it when you choose to stand for nothing, doing nothing and words with no substance.
You need to walk up to that poll like you own that bitch when you know what was done so you could do it. You may face some of the same demons on your way, but you better slay like you know the price was paid for your admission. Hell, I might dress up on election day just because my people showed out when they realized how to get to the real power in this country. I mean, if you’re going to stay, you might as well learn how to play.