Two Years

Two years ago, I took a major step to change my life based on what I considered best for my family. I believed there were things that I needed to put in order in my life to enjoy real stability and peace of mind. I’ve come to learn in that time that stability and peace of mind are from God. While we can project our dissatisfaction on to other people, the truth is, our unhappiness is rooted in whether or not our lives are in alignment with God’s will and His purpose for our lives. Depending on how disobedient you have been to God’s instruction in your life, you can experience major changes in the process of consecration. It’s like cleaning the house after a party you had when your parents weren’t home. Now, you have to get out what you messed up and there may be things in your life that other people dragged in with them. Nonetheless, it’s time to clean it up. In the last two years, I lost a lot of people, physically and spiritually. The more I seek God, the more He reveals where he is in my life by showing me where my word is good. He gives me ears to hear the heart of the matter and eyes to see behind the veil of lies. He’s shown me that my life is in His hands but I can no longer make decisions based on what’s in front of me because that life did indeed pass away.

Free will means taking more responsibility for using my spiritual gifts when making decisions. He was showing me that I needed to be more aware of my surroundings, physically and spiritually. I needed to pay more attention to who I give ear to and even who I share a word with. We are all connected and there are responsibilities on every level. Just as a CEO needs to be aware of what’s happening in a corporation on every level, spiritual awareness, is about seeing and hearing the heart of the matter on all levels. I could no longer ignore my gut. My life was holding me accountable for what I knew in my spirit whether I wanted to acknowledge it or not. I was coming to a new life through learning that the work of my faith is being obedient to the Spirit that lives in me according to the faith given to me. My faith in God has grown because I’ve gone from knowing He’s always there to trusting that He will be no matter what because He chose me. I don’t have to do anything special to be loved by Him but keeping His house and His word in order improves the quality of the relationship we can have. Life is more functional with things in order. Two years later, I’m grateful for having cleaned up my mess and I embrace the work I still have to do. I’m grateful for those who saw the mess but always knew my heart and have been in consistent support of me on this mission to please God and fulfill my life purpose. I thank God for providing a firm foundation in the form of family and friends who have been a strong sign of God in my life through their love and support.

My new life in Jesus meant letting go of anything He didn’t place in the house, in my life. This was a test of love because God is love and anything from Him is eternal so anything that died wasn’t His. People leaving was a gift. The possessions I sold were not from Him. I learned to be ok without and grateful for what is. I met people who I know for certain were sent by God for the season I was in, either for me to learn from or for me to teach. When you’re not distracted with holding on to the past, you can see clearer the path God has already set in front of you and your assignment on that path. I even began to understand the past in ways I could only see spiritually. I started to see myself beyond the mask. I thought I was an authentic person before, but it was revealed to me that the real me had been buried behind who everyone else thought I should be. I’ve come to learn that all that I am is in living for God… May the work I’ve done speak for me. Freedom forward…








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