Trust, Confusion, and Honesty

He’s picking the petals of my heart

“She loves me, She loves me not

With every beat, she starts and stops”

You have to be thinking

That I’m insane

One day I love you

Now I want to leave again

It’s not you

It’s me that’s confused

Afraid to love and let go

Afraid that it’ll fail when I do

You tolerate my flaws

And encourage my goals

You praise my accomplishments

Together we battle my woes

So why, oh why, do I fight so hard

Why do I hesitate to give my heart

I have to let go of past pains

In order to grow with a new man

I don’t have the answers

Although I wish I did

I wish I could wave a wand

Or fix it with a magic stick

You don’t trust me

Because of a questionable beginning

But we wanted what we wanted

So we jumped in it

Because you pulled my attention from another

I knew one day you would wonder

If I could give you all of me

Had no idea my issues ran this deep

Maybe you’ll be the one to break the chain

With patience and love, and how you overstand

But then again, what could tear us apart

Is if you constantly question my heart

So you have to believe, if you want me to

My confidence is rooted in you

To know that our love is strong

Means knowing that we both know we belong

So I’ll do my part with respect and honesty

If you promise to let me be

The woman you fell in love with, with out a doubt

Love me in trust, with your actions and not your mouth



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