The Break Up

our eyes met and I saw darkness

a certain empty space

though my heart had a different experience

it was like awakening to a bright light

much too stimulating to stay at rest

so it speeded up its pace

causing my limbs to shake

arms and legs unable to function

do i stand here and pray not to fall out

or do i chance walking and losing my step

i’ll take my chances

cuz i can’t stand it

that look in your eye

the sounds coming out of your mouth

it’s all so familiar

and quite unnerving

i just need to get away

find my quiet space

you wouldn’t let me go, just had to test me

will i hug you before i leave?

are you for real?

yeah, i will, but you have to wait

until i make it outside

i need oxygen, Now

you put your arms around me

and your embrace was so tight

i just inhaled and let go

i’ll wait until later to exhale

like i said

i need this oxygen right now

i couldn’t watch you walk away

but i felt the distance grow

i wanted to call you as soon as we departed

but i know we’ll just end up where we started




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