John 3:8

The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.



Somebody did it

so you have

to get it

no, it’s not a trap

you don’t know

how it feels

until you get it back

until you eat the fruit

mama and daddy grew

until you eat the fruit

of your own doing

you won’t know truth


it’s like being in a maze

of confusion

none of your choosing

on the cross between

winning and losing

but if you’re cruising

the tide takes you

any way the wind blows

it’s been told

that’s not good for the soul


Spirit returns

to its place

over and over

so surfboard

let go

let it flow

be unconventional


your board is your truth

stand in your pursuits

don’t eat the fruit

of judgment

good or evil

every honest deed

is a ticket to your freedom

feed them

the serpents seasoning

the Word is your sword

slay without reasoning

serpent minds deceive them

salt covenant believers

know the wind blows

toward the garden in seasons

everything is everything

that’s the meaning


you’ll make it home

when you know

not to rock the boat

the storms you create

when you rattle and shake

only give way

to capsize your life

strife after strife

no life


start again

and again

and again

until you learn

to obey the wind

trust the captain

of your soul

for only He knows

how far you’re off course

since the first divorce

destroyed Adam’s belief

in eternity

he could no longer see

how he came to be

set apart from

his G-d with his rod

of sunshine

through his 3rd eye


obedience was all

they ever needed

it’s where the battle

of belief begins

you can’t serve two masters

you have to bear your sins

pay the debts

of your ancestors

with your faith in tact

it’s what’s been under attack

since the beginning of time


peace is what you find

when your 3rd eye isn’t blind

and you can see the light

on the other side

a beacon of hope

no matter the tide

he’s your lifeline

and if i die

He was with me