Life is such a beautiful struggle…I’m realizing that more and more everyday…You know what, I’m loving it! LIFE…think about that word for a minute…. It’s the blessing we get after gestation…the 9 months that we are carried, nurtured, fed, protected, growing, etc….Then there’s the birthing proces..boy is that a journey… Mother and child go through pain and struggle to bring forth a beautiful blessing…Your first breath of life…I’m thinking now that we go through several rebirths in life…Every struggle we experience and every pain we overcome prepares us for a new level…our next refreshing breath of life…but we can only take these breaths once we “get it,” once we learn the lesson and cross-over into the next world, that next stage of understanding….Maybe that’s why people who are saved say they are “born again.”…What’s even more fascinating to me is that when a woman is giving birth, she’s told to push for a few seconds, then relax and breathe…That’s kind of what we all need to do to deal with obstacles in life…We need to push ourselves to make a little progress, but we also need to remember to stop and breathe before exhausting ourselves…Exhaustion is not healthy..Sometimes we push too hard, sometimes in the wrong direction, and we just end up feeling lost and exhausted….Don’t move in the wrong direction and remember to breathe!…Keep in mind that after the pain, and after the struggle, that first breath of life, new understanding, level of peace, is SO worth the work…So, don’t exhaust yourself when you feel the urge to stop and breathe…You’ll be able to move again, and eventually you’ll start life all over again, bringing forth a brand new you!…Some new breaths will be little rejuvenating breaths…but those that come out of the harder struggles will be those long, rewarding deep breaths that reset your body and in some cases your soul…I say all this to say that no matter what I go through or what happens in life to knock the breath out of me, I’m going to keep pushing, and keep breathing, and keep resting, and keep praying…



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