I might be the only person on the planet who doesn’t think Kanye West is crazy. His relationship with Donald Trump is a reflection of how desperate some black men are for brotherhood and leadership mentors in their own communities. Kanye has been rejected and criticized by the black community for years. He should have been embraced and loved by his community after his statement during the televised Hurricane Katrina fundraiser. Instead, he was judged for his personal choices and ambitions. I doubt that he cares about your hateful expressions against him at this point in his career. All of the energy being used to insult him should be converted into love and compassion. If you care enough to speak on it, why not show him the door that you think he’s not seeing? Where’s the door to an open conversation with Kanye about how he can positively contribute to efforts to strengthen our communities and our country? Now that he has the platform, where are your agendas for him to present? Oh wait, you have too much hate to participate. If Donald Trump is the closest person Kanye can find to relate to as a man, I see that as a big Fail on the part of the brothers and elders in my own community. He is no different than black children who sit in adoption agencies year after year until a white family shows up to adopt them. Then, you hear black people whining about that same person not having a black enough identity. If you don’t pour into someone, don’t get mad when someone else does. Yes, Kanye is suffering from an identity crisis. However, your hate and venomous attacks are only going to force him to disconnect more. What he needs right now is to know that there are people in the black community who see his need and desire to create change.

Unconditional love for your people, if you’re so pro-black, is not about attacking those who don’t think like you. It’s about being a beacon of hope and an example for them to follow. So, please stop with your self-righteous rants about how Kanye West should think and be the change you want to see in the world. He respects men like Ralph Lauren and Donald Trump because they are fearless in creating the world they desire to see, whether you like it or not. Meanwhile, all of the so-called conscious brothers are too busy complaining about how men like RL and DT are oppressing them. I support his right to explore the world on his terms instead of waiting for the approval of the black community. Instead of taking a knee, he’s taking a seat at the table. Your problem is you think it should be you but you don’t have enough universal truth in you to have your voice heard. Love is always the answer. Kanye is not a fool. He will get more accomplished with love than you ever will with hate. In my opinion, he’s brave because he already knew all the hateful things the predictable programmable ‘conscious’ black community would say. Donald Trump is also aware that black people would attack Kanye instead of bombard him with proposed agendas to share with the office of the President of the United States.



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