How Prepared are You?

Have you prepared yourself with LIFE skills? What is your process?

We will train for a job, study our lessons for school, and even work on figuring out other people…but how much individual preparation do we do to learn how to deal with ourselves?

I was talking with a friend last night and he was telling me how he consciously makes himself think of how he will feel the day someone calls to tell him his mother has passed. He thought that was weird, but I told him it was smart. It’s a form of meditation. I believe that all meditation does not mean sitting in silence. We have to take moments to listen to ourselves…get to know ourselves, so that we are not UNPREPARED when events occur in life. Have you ever wondered why people lose their minds? It’s because they never taught themselves a process. So, when something traumatic happens, all they hear in their heads is chaos. Some of us will spend a full day at work…the entire eight hours…thinking about a relationship issue…and the whole while trying to figure out your spouse…How many times have you spent eight hours a day figuring out yourself and asking “what am I going to do with me?”

I had to thank my friend for conjuring up these thoughts. He made me realize that preparing my mind and my way of thinking is more critical to my peace of mind and way of life that anything else I study…I had been doing this already, subconsciously, but now that I’ve been given the thoughts by the Most High, and have passed the words on to you, I will be able to bring them to┬áLIFE and consider myself PREPARED!

Be Blessed…Have Fun and Learn Something…Everyday!



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