Hi, I’m Candance Benton, The Practical Scrum Master, and I believe no matter what you do, Scrum can work for you! As an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and mom, I manage it all by using Scrum as my personal and professional framework. As a Scrum workshop facilitator I take Scrum out of the IT box and introduce the framework to everyday people and businesses who wish to transition to an agile process that allows them to reach their goals with more flexibility and profitability.

I have provided coaching, marketing, branding strategy, and other professional services for several entrepreneurs, brands, organizations, and creatives in New Orleans, LA, Columbia, MO and Chicago, IL. My work has opened doors for me and brought me into rooms I never dreamed I would enter.

As a Professional Scrum Master, I offer personalized coaching, training and speaking services for individuals, teams and organizations on agile values, principles and practices. The Agile Method is a particular approach to project management where teams respond to the unpredictable nature of completing projects. Scrum has revolutionized the software development industry by increasing profits and productivity. I aim to bring the revolution to your business and pride myself on a holistic approach to offering services to anyone looking to move a project along.

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